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Top 5 world shopping capitals

In recent years, traveling to other countries specifically for shopping has become increasingly popular. Shopping tours provide an opportunity for a person to relax, relieve stress, have a good time, get joy and satisfaction from the purchases made. Basically, shopping can be done in any country you visit. However, there are still a number of tourist destinations, which seem the most attractive in terms of shopping. These countries have optimal conditions for shopping, based on the cost of things, their exclusivity, as well as the variety of goods offered and the discounts offered. Well, let’s take a closer look at the best cities to go shopping.



Shopping tourism in the United Arab Emirates can bring incomparable pleasure. This country is well known for its free trade zone, characterized by very low import duties on goods, which determines their low cost in local stores and shopping centers. The best city for shopping is Dubai, which has all the major stores in the main streets. It is possible to go shopping in the UAE every day except for Friday, as it is a day off and few stores will be open. In Dubai, you can buy almost everything, from clothes and shoes of popular brands to household appliances, jewelry and unique products made of gold.

For shopping to be comfortable and enjoyable, it is important to take care also about transportation, so that you do not have to pull heavy bags to the nearest bus stop. Moreover, you can combine business with pleasure and rent a car for the time of shopping. Perhaps you can even opt for a VIP car rental to fully enjoy the pleasure of the shopping. Thus, turning to hiring companies, you can stay mobile and save time in order to visit more stores in the city, by having an automobile at your own disposal.


Surely, at the top of the list of the best countries for shopping is held by Italy, which is home to many popular clothing brands. In Italy, it is best to go to Milan, which is considered one of the fashion capitals of the world and is home to hundreds, boutiques, stores and retail outlets. Also in Milan it is worth paying attention to buying items of clothing, shoes and stylish accessories, for which the famous Italian designers are so famous.


This is another place that was literally created for shopping lovers. The country of fashion, elegance and style has a huge number of boutiques, shopping centers and outlets that offer a wide range of exclusive fashion items for every taste and purse. The best shopping in France can be found in Paris, where you can get a collection of famous designers and exclusive products.


If there is a need to upgrade your electronic and household appliances, it is best to purchase them in America. Here you can buy the iPhone or other new products from Apple for a much more modest price than in any other market. The best city for shopping in America is undoubtedly New York. There is a huge concentration of stores and shopping malls in this city center. The main stores are open on weekdays, but there are malls that welcome visitors around the clock, uninterrupted.


In recent years, China has become a very popular tourist destination for shopping lovers. In this country, the prices of clothing, electronics and some food products are lower than in Europe. The best shopping centers and markets can be found in Shanghai and Hong Kong. During summer sales in China, discounts on clothing, electronics and other items can be up to 70%. However, shopping in China is notable not only for the cheap prices, and the opportunity to buy a variety of souvenirs, figurines and silk products. Moreover, here you can purchase beautiful, original things made of porcelain, crystal and bamboo.

On the threshold of the New Year holidays and discounts, we suggest that you do not lose time, pick a destination and go shopping!

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